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Aruba is visited by nearly two million tourists a year and is ranked as one of the most popular vacation spots in the Caribbean. This island has 365 days a year of appeal due to the predictable near perfect weather all year long and its beautiful beaches. Make this your place to go in 2013.

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One Happy Island !

Welcome to Aruba vacation guides-information, travel tips-pictures- photos video. Stays on this tropical island are suited for all age groups and there are many activities for your whole family to enjoy and have fun. During your stay you will discover that the majority of tourists are American - many from the northeast, so don't be surprised if you run into a neighbor or relative while you are here.

This Caribbean tropical island destination has become the popular place where complete families’ planning to be together from children to great grandparents to spend time together and reflect on life's most treasured values. This trip report contains tourist information & travel tips for help in planning your travel package.

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In our 30 + years of traveling experience around the world we have found the people here and landscape to be one of the most unique of any other islands. This travel information is collected from our own experiences to Caribbean destinations. We have traveled to Aruba for over twelve years  regularly and will continue for many more years to enjoy the relaxation this Paradise island has to offer. You will discover that this is by far one of the safest, most relaxing and friendliest family island in the Caribbean! Arubans know the true meaning of customer service & hospitality, and everywhere you visit you will be greeted with a glowing smile during your entire stay. The travel info on this site will help you plan your family trip, honeymoon, anniversary or wedding plans and every digital photo will show what a true getaway paradise this is. So enjoy the best of Aruba and we hope our recommendations help you find fun things to do.


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What's The Story In Aruba

Headline News Forecast Update - an Aruba Weather Advisory will remain in effect for the next several decades, there will be NO tropical depression allowed and all tourists should prepare for total  “Tropical Paradise” conditions including all of Aruba. Expect long periods of relaxing climates, sunshine, and warm trends with tropical breezes. Throughout the Aruban region expect to find -  people roaming in no hurry, faces with large smiles, strangers greeting you in a friendly manner, people whistling, singing, and somewhat in a daze or “in another world”. These are the symptoms & side effects of One Happy Island and most of Aruba’s population has acquired ATRS ( Aruba Tropical Relief Syndrome ) and it is VERY contagious. If you have NOT  acquired ATRS or any of these Aruba related symptoms - proceed immediately to the nearest white sand beach - near the crystal blue waters  - preferably under a grass hut, now inspect both your right and left hands, if there is no evidence of an island beverage ( FROZEN MARGARITA ) in either hand, promptly seek  professional bartenders advice for remedy, prescription or medical attention and be sure to attend the next scheduled happy hour for treatments ...Copyright ArubaJerry 2012


Aruba Tourist Guides Attractions & Sightseeing

When vacationing in Aruba you will enjoy this unique tropical island offering many natural attractions throughout the islands landscape. Aruba has a paradise like appearance including the white sand beaches and calm warm waters on the southern side of the island and a dramatic rocky coastline and rough waters on the northern side. Some of the attractions to see in Aruba are: the California Lighthouse, Natural Pool, Rock Formations, Baby Beach, Gold Mill Ruins, caves, Alta Vista Chapel, Arikok National Park, Palm Beach and Hooiberg haystack mountain. Hooiberg is 541’ high and on a clear day Venezuela is visible

When sightseeing wear hiking shoes or sneakers to protect your feet walking on  the rough rock terrain on the northern side of the island. Some of these natural attractions are in remote areas and are only reachable by horseback or 4x4 vehicles. This tropical island is small in size approximately 6 miles wide by 20 miles long, but has attractions that are unique only to Aruba. A major crop in this country is the aloe plant and which is harvested and processed into skin care products and that are among the best in the world. 

Aruba beaches are also among the best in the world and differ drastically from the northern side of the island to the southern side. Within the landscape there are many divi trees which have the appearance of being windblown and growing sideways. Another attraction is the Butterfly Farm. Here you will see and learn all about the different types of butterflies and how they grow through the stages of development. There is also an Ostrich Farm where you can feed them and learn about their existence.


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Aruba Island in the Caribbean Islands

As you are vacation planning your next getaway and deciding where to go in the Caribbean, or other tropical island spot, consider what an Aruba has to offer as a destination for singles, couples and families. After many years of traveling to Aruba and other islands, I have found Aruba to be one of the best places for relaxation, climate and total enjoyment. The beautiful warm turquoise waters and white sand make Aruba the place for some of the top ten beaches in the world. Being outside of the hurricane belt and its prevailing trade winds make this beautiful island like a place in Paradise. This small island, approx 20 miles long and 6 miles at its widest point is 18 miles off the coast of Venezuela.

There are many activities for you to enjoy while on vacation in Aruba like – windsurfing, jet ski, water rides, tubing, water skiing, casino gambling, sailing, sunset sailing, golf, sightseeing, and numerous tourist attractions. The Aruban people are very friendly, pleasant and helpful which is why this island is so pleasant to visit. The people speak a minimum four different languages including English, and US currency is accepted throughout the island. Arubans main source of income is from tourism and they truly value your visit to their country and are genuinely sincere and honest. Arubans are very proud people and will always do the best they can to help to you enjoy your vacation stay.

Visiting the downtown shopping malls and outlets is a must. If you are planning to go to downtown Oranjestad, dress comfortable, shorts - t shirt - sun dress etc. Don't wear swimsuits or bikinis when shopping, sightseeing or walking in the streets beyond the beach area or resort pool areas, this is not appropriate in Aruba. You will find many designer clothing outlets, discount jewelry stores and unique boutiques and shops.

The southern coast has beautiful beaches with calm warm waters. The port is on this side of the island and this is where many cruise ships arrive and dock. The northern coast is open to the rough Atlantic seas and the shores are rough cut rock cliffs with dramatic views of the ocean. This side of the island is accessible by 4x4 vehicles, a jeep tour or by horseback and there are very few dirt & rock roads that lead to this side. The western end is where Palm Beach is which has nice beaches with sand dunes and also the California Lighthouse is located here. The east end is a little more remote and is where Baby Beach, San Nicolas Bay, and the oil refinery are located.

Where to stay in Aruba? There are low rise hotels, high rise hotels and timeshare rentals and many first class hotels and resorts that offer all inclusive packages or just weekly stay rates. In Aruba you will also find timeshares for sale and for rent in different price ranges. I would suggest if you are interested in timeshare ownership inquire within the sales office of the timeshare you are interested in. Some resort companies offer promotional discounted rates that have interest in owning a timeshare. For your best value and protection of investment stay with the larger timeshare companies that offer villas for sale like Marriott Vacation Club. MVCI offers some of the best values in timeshare ownership and flexibility of occupancy for the weeks available in your package for reservation.

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